Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  1. Coordinators & Referees may issue warnings to players for team and personal unsportsmanlike conduct or safety concerns.  Staff may also ask players to leave the game for a specified amount of time if they feel it is for the betterment of the team and/or game. If a player fails to respect a staff member’s decisions or heed their warnings, they may be ejected from the game, season or an indefinite amount of time.
  2. Judgment calls made by the referee shall NOT be contested. A formal protest can be made at any time by letting the referee and the league coordinator aware of the situation. After the protest is filed, the game will continue as scheduled.  If the protest is not filed until the conclusion of the game, the final score of that game will be official and will not change. SportsLink will review the protest and make a ruling before the next week’s game.
  3. Any individual who by his/her misconduct (profanity, gestures, physical or verbal abuse toward officials, players, etc.) causes himself/herself to be removed from a contest is automatically ineligible to participate for the remainder of that contest, any other games that day and at least one full week. That person may also be assessed additional suspensions.
  4. 6 yellow cards in a 6-month period will result in an automatic 1-month suspension (on top of any other suspensions accumulated).  Once the time is served, the count will reset.  Players who are repeat offenders may be dismissed from league play.
  5. Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by SportsLink before or during the season.

Equipment & Uniforms

  1. Shin guards are RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory.
  2. Molded cleats or tennis shoes are the only allowable footwear. NO METAL CLEATS ARE ALLOWED. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  3. All players on a team should have a shirt of the same color, with the goalkeeper wearing a jersey contrasting that of his or her team and the opposing team.
    SKINS is NOT an option!
  4. Jersey color assignments in the event of a “same color” conflict, home team will wear a “dark” color and the visitors will wear a “light color.” Teams should bring two jerseys to each game to avoid a conflict.

Game Duration

  1. Teams will play two 25-minute halves with a one-minute halftime.
    5v5 games will be 20-minute halves with a one-minute halftime.
  2. There will be a coin toss at the start of every game. The team that wins the coin toss at the start will have first choice to kickoff or choose a goal to defend.  (See #1 in equipment)
  3. The referee will start each game time as scheduled. If the players are not ready, the clock will still start as scheduled.
    Play will begin as soon as the minimum number of players are on the field:
    – 5v5 leagues: 3 players
    – 6v6 leagues: 4 players
    – 7v7 leagues: 4 players (3 male, 1 female in coed leagues)
    – 11v11 leagues: 7 players, at least 1 must be a female
  4. Time will run continuously, except for serious injuries.
  5. Teams will be given ten minutes after the scheduled start time (but game clock will be running) of the match to present the minimum of 4 players, required for a match.
  6. If a team fails to present the minimum number of players (at least 1 female in coed leagues) after the ten minutes have past, they will be issued a forfeit.
  7. There will be no overtime periods, or shootouts in the regular season, only during playoffs.


  1. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, each team will remove two male field players and there will be a sudden death overtime period of five minutes. If still tied, we move to sudden death “PK’s.” 3 different males and 2 different females will participate in the shootout, alternating shots.   A male will kick first, followed by a female.  After 5 shots, if it is still tied, teams will enter into a sudden death PK shootout (still alternating guy/girl), with new shooters.  If only 1 female is present, the other female can not kick twice.  The team must take a “miss” in her spot.
  2. During PK’s, those players on the field when time expired are the player who must take PKs first, followed by those on the bench.
    – Clarification: If there is only 1 female on the team, she can take all female PK’s AFTER the 1st 5 kickers have kicked.  2 different females must kick in the 1st 5 (or take a miss for the missing female) .

Eligibility, Coaches, and Players

  1. All players must fill out a league waiver and have a valid Player’s Card to be eligible to play.
  2. 7v7 leagues: There is a maximum of 7 players on the field. Coed leagues must field 5 men (max) and 2 women.  A minimum of 4 players must be on field (at least 1 female in coed leagues) for coed, men’s, or women’s leagues. Age specific leagues, players are allowed to play if they turn that age with in 365 days of the league start date
    11v11 league:  Maximum of 11 players; 7 men (max) and 4 women.  A minimum of 7 players must be on the field (at least 1 of them being female).
    5v5 leagues: There is a maximum of 5 players and a minimum of 3 players on the field.  Females can play in the men’s league.
  3. Players are allowed to substitutes on any dead ball that results in a throw in, goal kick, or if a goal is scored.
  4. SPORTSLink rules allow a team to play with a minimum of 4 people (minimum 1 female). Anything less is considered a forfeit. There is no maximum limit to the amount of females that must be on the field.

How the Game is Played

  1. Kickoffs: Consists of the ball being placed at midfield and can go forward or backwards.
  2. All kicks are direct. There are no indirect free kicks in either indoor or outdoor leagues. Direct infractions in the goal box (fouls, handballs, slide tackling (except Men’s A), etc.) will result in a penalty kick to the offended team. Indirect infractions in the goal box (goalkeeper illegally handling a back pass, sliding to block a shot (except Men’s A), etc.) are to be awarded as a direct free kick at the top of the goal box. On all direct kicks, the offended team will be entitled to 7 yards of space.
  3. Goal Kicks: may be played from anywhere inside the goal box.
  4. Slide Tackling: Slide Tackling will be allowed in the Men’s 7v7 A Division and 11v11 Coed leagues by FIFA rules, but NEVER from behind. For ALL other leagues, whether men’s, women’s, or coed, there will be NO Slide Tackling.  One knee on the ground constitutes a slide tackle. As a reminder, the keeper can slide inside the box.
  5. Substitutions: All substitutions must be made on Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks or Goals Scored. Players should signal an official to notify of a substitution.
  6. There is no offside penalty.
  7. All other rules will follow FIFA as closely as possible.

Women’s League Additional Rules

  1. Women’s leagues are played 6v6.
  2. Must have 4 females present to start a game.

The SportsLink coordinator and referee have the right to spot check rosters at any time.  Players must have a valid Card and a signed waiver before stepping on the field of play.

Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by SportsLink before or during the season.