1. Players may use their own sticks, or they will be provided.  No Goalie sticks.  No excessive curve (or stick may be declared illegal).
  2. Gloves and shin guards are strongly suggested for players.
  3. Balls (yellow, low temp) will be provided.
  4. Goals (provided) are turned with short side up, approximately eighteen inches.
  5. Side pads surround both end thirds of courts.
  6. Games are self officiated.  A coordinator will be on site to resolve disputes or handle disciplinary issues

Rules of Play

  1. 4 players on the floor, no goalie.
  2. Each period begins with a face off at centerline.  When a goal is scored, the team the goal was scored on, will start possession from their half.
  3. Face off (at centerline) is called when teams cannot agree on whose possession is the ball.  All other entry of ball is from the point the ball went out of play.
  4. Ball may be stopped by hand, but not held, passed or advanced by hand.
  5. No slapshots.
  6. Goal is scored when player hits, sweeps or pushes the ball into the net directly off stick or it is deflected off one of their teammates or defensive player into net.  The initial point of contact (shot) must be made from within the half of the net scored upon.  If not, not goal, opposing team is given possession.
  7. A player may advance ball with their feet, but MAY NOT kick it directly into net to score. A ball CANNOT be thrown into the goal to score.
  8. If a player catches or stops the ball without a stick for more than three seconds, the opposing team is given possession of the ball from the nearest inbound area (side of the court).
  9. If ball lands on or is caught on top/back of net it cannot be played.  Defending team is given possession.
  10. Sidelines, ball is still in play in the middle third of the court if it does not go past outer paint line.
  11. Substitutions are on the fly.
  12. Ties will stand in regular season.


  1. Three 15-minute periods will be played with two 3-5 minute breaks.
  2. Clock is running with no time outs allowed unless injury (as decided by the coordinator).
  3. Clock stops in the last minute of the game on out of bounds if the score is within two goals.


The league is currently a rec league and self officiated.  Penalties are rare and out of the spirit of the league.  If a penalty is called by the team or by the coordinator, play stops and the opposing team gets possession.  In the event the coordinator feels a player is excessive in contact or repeating offenses, he may ask the player to come out of the game and/or give a one or two minute (or game) man down situation.

  • SLASHING: intentional or unintentional hitting with stick.
  • INTERFERENCE AND CHARGING: anytime opposing player pushes a player out of position.
  • ELBOWING: using one’s elbow to hit an opponent
  • CROSS CHECKING: use of stick to push opponent out of the way
  • TRIPPING AND HOOKING: use of stick to trip or hold back an opponent from playing the ball
  • HIGH STICKING: anytime the stick is raised above normal shoulder height.

All players must have a valid SportsLink Player’s Card to play in our leagues unless otherwise noted.