1. Teams play teams head to head. Teams are given handicaps based on their rolling score averages. Basically, 100% of the difference between their average and 200 is their handicap. So if your average is an 120, your handicap is an 80. Handicapping is done to make all levels of bowlers competitive against one another.
  2. Teams of bowlers, typically four to six, bowl three rounds of four games each. Twelve total games in a night. Each set of four games by one team, plus handicaps is compared to their opposing team. The team with the highest total of pins wins 2 points for the round. After three rounds, the total (12 games) is also compared with the highest pin count winning an additional 2 points. In the event of a pin tie in any of the three rounds or the total count, the 2 points are split between the two teams. For the night, a team can earn up to 8 points. Weekly, the teams are ranked by points.
  3. Season is six to seven weeks with an extra week of single elimination playoffs.
  4. Shoes are free with league play.
  5. Bowling teams can be any combination of players. We discourage, but have never banned teams of all one gender or the other.
  6. There is no limit to the number of players. They split up the 12 games between them. Only 1 person can bowl a game, so you can’t have more than 12 people on a given night. If more than 6 people, bowlers can switch off every game.