SportsLink offers levels of play for every athlete, from beginner to seasoned pro. If you are unsure what level you are, read the descriptions below and see what matches your skill the closest. We’ve included rough translations of organized sports and their rating systems. SportsLink reserves the right to place or move teams into appropriate levels of play as deemed necessary. SportsLink also reserves the right to combine or separate divisions as needed.

RECREATIONAL (Rec) – Lowest level of competition; beginners or social league

The recreational level welcomes new participants to the game or those just looking to have fun. Most players are new to the sport and have little previous experience. It’s as much about the social aspect as it is about the sport at this level.

For SOFTBALL, the D league is a beginners league.   This is for new rec teams, or C level teams that have gone 0-7 or 1-6 the season before.  Teams that have gone 2-5 can petition our office to drop down to this division.

Volleyball: C/CC
Softball: C/D
Soccer: C

INTERMEDIATE (Int) – Moderate level of competition

The intermediate level involves the players that may still be new to the sport or still like to focus on the social aspect, but are seeking a little more competition. The rules are understood, players have played for a few seasons and teams tend to be more organized and even play with some strategy.

Volleyball: B/BB
Softball: B/C
Soccer: B

UPPER INTERMEDIATE (Upper Int) – High level of competition

The upper intermediate level is made up of players and teams who have played a while and are ready to stretch themselves competitively. Players tend to be fundamentally strong, teams organized and play is approached strategically. Competition tends to be of high quality.

Volleyball: BB/A

COMPETITIVE (Comp) – Very high level of competition

The competitive level is made up of teams and players that have played the sport for a long time. They enjoy the sheer competition of the sport. Players are very skilled, in fact, at this level many players have focused on certain specialties or positions in the sport. Such as a setter in volleyball or a sweeper in soccer. Play is very organized and everybody has their game face on!

Volleyball: A/AA
Softball: A/B
Soccer: A