To play in one of our leagues, sign up as a TEAM or INDIVIDUAL under the specific sport/night on our website. We no longer are taking registrations via phone or email. You must sign-up on our website.
Sign up as an INDIVIDUAL to let us know you want to play. If enough people sign up and pay the individual fee, we will form a house team. If not, we will try and place you on an existing team that is looking for players. The more nights you sign up for, the higher your chances of playing.
Yes. Shoot us an email and let us know what you are looking for (i.e. 1 guy and 3 females). If we have any players on our Individual list, we will pass them on to you.

1) Signup team and make team deposit (if applicable).

2) Make sure teammates have paid their share of the team fee (can be reviewed in DASH Online) before the second game of the season.

3) Build roster, invite teammates to roster and manage changes to roster throughout the season

4) Communicate any league information to the team.

5) Communicate regularly with team including discussing schedule and confirming who will be attending the next game(s).

6) Make sure all teammates check-in with the coordinators at the games.

7) Confirm that any teammates that will be playing in the tournament have played and checked in at least ONE regular season game.

8) Check their tournament eligibility in DASH Online (there will be an E beside their name once they’ve checked in during the season) before the day of the tournament. Contact SportsLink with any issues regarding rosters or eligibility as soon as you notice a discrepancy.

9) Notify team of special events.

10) Communicate and familiarize team with game rules.

11) Communicate inclement weather number and procedures with teammates. Help communicate to team in the event of a game cancellation

12) Notify SportsLink in advance if team may have to forfeit or play under special circumstances.

13) Notify SportsLink of any changes in contact information (e-mail and phone number).

14) Communicate concerns and/or suggestions to InterLink on how to make the leagues better.

15) Enjoy the games and lead your team to VICTORY!

16) If your team wins a division, communicate shirt sizes for championship shirts (or team trophy).

The deposit is our way of knowing if you are serious about playing in the league. To hold your spot, the deposit must be paid within 48 hours of registering. Failure to do so may result in us dropping your team. We pay Parks and Rec ahead of time for your field space and we can’t get that money back if you drop from the league.
For most leagues, the deposit is $150, with the exception of the following leagues: – Bowling – $100 – 4v4 and 6v6 Volleyball – $100 – 2v2 Volleyball – $65
Yes, all teams must pay the deposit. We can refund the deposit once we have received the full payment for your team. Please work with the sponsor ahead of time to avoid any issues with playing in the league. We don’t hold spots for teams waiting on sponsor checks.
The full team payment is due by the 1st game. We have gotten stricter on this because of numerous teams over the past few years who failed to hold up their end.
Teams/Captains will be assessed a $25 late fee per game that the full payment is not received. If we still have not received full payment by the 4th game, your team will be dropped and all players will be suspended from all leagues until the team fee and late fees are paid. Even if a player has paid their portion, they will still be suspended until the full amount is paid.
You are still responsible for paying the full team fee at this point. We have reserved and paid for your spot in the league. Until your team balance is paid off, all players will be suspended.
All requests are due in writing (email or in the “Comments” section of the registration form) by the league registration deadline. Requests do not carry over to another season. They must be submitted each season. We try our best to honor all requests, but it is not always possible. If you have a game still, you can use Guest Passes to bring in a few subs to fill out your roster.
Send us an email. It is probably not going to be changed due to the amount of people it will affect, but we will take a look and see if there is a feasible switch that can be made.
Each player must check in with the League Coordinator before the start of the game. Coordinators should be wearing a green staff shirt. Captains need to make sure the correct people are checked off. This is how we track playoff eligibility.
An E by your name means that you are playoff eligible. To be playoff eligible, you must play in one of the regular season games.
1st off, it is each player’s responsibility to check-in at each game. If you didn’t check-in, there is nothing we can do because there is no record of you playing. If you know you checked-in, give us a call or send an email. We will then check the game sheets and verify that you are eligible/in-eligible. PLEASE DO THIS A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOUR PLAYOFF GAME. If you get out to the field and then have us check, there is a good chance you will miss part or all of the game.
No. Each player can only be on one team per division. You may be able to sub on another team in the same division if ok’d by opponent and coordinator. You will not be able to choose which team to play for in playoffs.
Yes, this is possible. But keep in mind that there may be some game conflicts. We don’t work around each individuals teams. We try to accommodate captains, but can’t do that for each of our 25,000 players.
Char-Meck Parks and Rec has a strict no-alcohol policy on their land. Anyone caught with alcohol will be thrown out of our leagues and may face possible police involvement. Please do not bring any alcohol to the field. Your coordinator has a beer coupon for your team, so you can partake in a beer after the game at one of our sponsor bars. Some leagues may not receive beer coupons for certain reasons.
Even though we are pet lovers ourselves, we can’t allow you to bring your dog to the field. Parks and Rec doesn’t allow animals on their fields.
SportsLink holds play on all dates except the following: – Easter Weekend – Memorial Day and weekend – July 4th – Labor Day and weekend – Thanksgiving and weekend – Christmas Eve thru New Year’s Day All other holidays, expect to play your game. Occasionally, we will let subs play without using Guest Passes.
We don’t cancel games for the chance of rain or a slight drizzle. We only cancel games when fields become unplayable and potentially dangerous. Lightning in the area will lead to a game delay. Parks and Rec has ultimate say over their fields. If they close them down, there is nothing we can do to override their decision. Fields may look playable to our teams, but Parks and Rec may decide to close them to let them recover from the rain. Sometimes rain on Sunday may close fields on Monday and Tuesday.
If you know ahead of time that you are going to forfeit, please email or call our office ASAP. We may be able to arrange another game for your opponent. No call, no show forfeits are not looked highly upon and may lead to your team being dropped from our league. We also have a FORFEIT FEE for teams who forfeit with late notice!
When we KNOW that a team is forfeiting, we try to find you an opponent. However we can’t force a team to stay and play, nor can we make people show up for their game. You can use the field time to scrimmage, but we can’t issue refunds since the field and officials are still paid for that game slot. See the FORFEIT Policy for potential Bar Coupon or League Credit.
Glad you asked! Beer Coupons are given to each team by the league coordinator at the end of the game. It is usually for a pitcher or bucket of beer at one of our sponsor bars. It has to be used that night at the specific bar. If you aren’t given one, just ask our coordinator as they may be running around handling other issues at the field. Leagues at The SandBox, Nevin, Hornet’s Nest, and Matthews do not have sponsor bars, so unfortunately there are no beer coupons handed out for those leagues. A few other smaller leagues may not have beer coupons as well.
Our season’s typically last 7-10 weeks. Leagues, unless otherwise stated, are scheduled 7 games plus single-elimination playoffs. There may be double-headers scheduled during the regular season, therefore cutting the number of regular season weeks from 7 to 5 or 6. 7 games does not mean 7 weeks!
SportsLink reserves field space only for games. We don’t schedule or organize practices for teams. Please contact Parks and Rec to reserve field times for your practice.
All deposits are non-refundable. Depending on the time of the refund request, we may or may not be able to refund money paid after the deposit. Suspended players will not be refunded any money due to missed games from suspensions.
League Champions get to choose one of the following for a prize: – Championship T-shirt for each player (yes, there are max #’s so don’t ask for 20 shirts!) – Champ Shirts are not made specifically for each team. We create 1 per season. – League Champion Trophy – Discount for a future season ($50 for most sports, $25 for Volleyball, $75 for 11v11 Soccer)
Soccer and Flag Football are year-round, rolling seasons. Sand Volleyball, Softball, and Kickball run March-November and are rolling seasons during that time. Indoor Volleyball usually starts in September and runs thru March.
We try to make up each game that is rained out. Sometimes we are limited on field time and can’t always reschedule the game. If this is the case, we will issue a team a CREDIT for each game not rescheduled. This credit can be used in a future season. No refunds will be issued for missed games.
Simple! Just give us a call or shoot us an email and let us know what you want to change it to. All team names must be SportsLink approved.
Our leagues are 18 and up. 16 and 17 year olds will be given special permission to play on a team with a parent or guardian. Please contact us for permission.
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