SportsLink Internships
SportsLink is looking for students with basic writing skills, computer skills and positive attitudes. Preference is given to applicants who are passionate about sports, have a social network, are interested in producing special events and enjoy promotions and marketing. Our internship program gives students hands on experience along with a portfolio of what they have accomplished in their time with us. Ideally, an internship with SportsLink will give students experiences that they can take with them to future jobs along with developing essential networking skills.

Internships Types
Sport and Recreation Management Internship:
The SportsLink League Team is looking for applicants that are in the sport and recreation management fields who have basic writing skills, computer skills, a positive attitude, and are good at puzzles.
Students will work directly with the SportsLink Athletic Staff to develop and manage all daily operations and services of our sports programs. Assisting our Corporate Program Director with our SL Active campaign which is designing healthy lifestyle programs/events for corporations in Charlotte. You will conduct research, assist with facility visits, and help manage critical projects for the company. (Responsibilities are subject to change)

Marketing and Events Management Internship:
The SportsLink Events and Marketing Team are searching for applicants with great communication skills, a flexible schedule, are self-motivated and have the ability to work individually and as a team.

Students will work directly with SportsLink Event and Marketing Staff. Assist the marketing team in the event planning process along with preparing marketing and promotional materials. Assist with uploading events on Charlotte event websites, social media, and learning our ticketing service. You will conduct research, assist with facility visits, support promotions/marketing team, plus help manage critical projects for the company. (Responsibilities are subject to change)

Graphic Design Internship:
SportsLink is searching for applicants in the graphic design / communications / marketing field that have some knowledge of and interest in the technical aspects of marketing – graphic design, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and editing html to name a few.

The Sports & Events Graphic Design Intern will be assisting the marketing department in the following manners (among others): creating flyers for events, editing email banners, editing html files, photo editing, developing creative campaigns for the company, and helping to create social media campaigns and posts. (Responsibilities are subject to change)

Internship Details
Internships Duration/Hours:
Our internship program is year round. We offer internships during winter, summer,spring and fall.

Summer internship: minimum 10 week program
Spring/Fall/Winter: minimum 3 month internship
Interns will be expected to hold office hours, schedule project meetings and complete other associated work throughout the week including nights (the latest 9pm) and some weekends (depending on events or tournaments). The hours we ask interns to work will depend on the internship requirements from the student’s school. We are flexible with work schedules.

School Credit
Each intern will actively participate in our SportsLink Internship program with opportunities such as professional networking, comprehensive and experiential learning and an increased understanding of how our business is ran. Each intern will receive college credit or be compensated.  Most interns will also be given the opportunity to be paid for working as a sports coordinator or during events as event staff.  Please ask for details.

Internship Exchange Program
Select interns will have the opportunity to take part in our Intern Exchange Program with other Sport and Social organizations in the US, like Atlanta Sport and Social Club or Tampa Bay Club Sport. Interns will travel to other sport and social organizations to get additional experience along with the chance to network throughout the Sport and Social Industry Association (SSIA).

To apply please email a cover letter and resume with the session and internship type you are applying for to in the subject: AJ Lightbody at [email protected].

For example: Graphic Design internship for Fall of 2017