We are SportsLink, a Charlotte based adult sport and social group with over 30,000 active adults that participant in our programs and special events on an annual basis. Every year we organize a ton of sports league and tournaments; host social events such as beer festivals and a massive New Year’s party; and manage special fundraising events such as Habitat’s Mud Volleyball Tournament.

Every year, we directly donate nearly $20,000 to various local charities and raise much more via our participants. This year, we are looking to formalize and expand some of our current programs as well as start a few new programs. In doing so, we are looking to partner with active community groups to help them fundraising and raise awareness for their causes.

The new programs will focus around movie nights, cornhole and bowling events our two annual races (an uptown 5k and a park trail race) and possibly a scavenger hunt . Our charity partners will receive the proceeds of each event.


To benefit our community partners the most, we are looking for those with an active base of active supporters who would be interested in participating, supporting and spreading the word around the events we put together. On a few occasions, we might need volunteer support for a few of the larger events (the races). A portion of the proceeds from each event will be donated to the community partner, much of it based on participation. The events will be organized and managed by SportsLink. Community partners would have minimal time commitments to the events (primarily posting/communicating event info)

We hope to partner with some awesome organizations!

Movie Events

Ayrsley Town Theaters is working with us to host private screenings of most of the 2020 blockbuster movies. With each screening, we’ll have raffles, contests and snacks for the movie goers. A portion of each ticket ($3-$4) will be donated to the community partners involved.

Bowling Extravaganza

Bowling event where frame is a different way of bowling (i.e. no hands, blindfolded, after three spins, etc…). Players sign up as individuals and teams and compete throughout the evening to see who is the best Crazy Bowler. Each bowler will designate the community partner they are bowling for and a portion of their entry fee will be donated to that cause (typically $7-$8 depending on venue and number of participants).

Cornhole Tournaments

We will be hosting one to four charity cornhole tournaments where the 50% of the entry fees will go to the community partners as well as each team will be playing for a community partner. If they win, they and the community partner will receive cash.

Uptown & Trail 5k’s

We are converting our two annual 5k’s into charity runs. Portion of each runner’s entry fee will go to the community partner they designate as well as donations will be made to the community partners whose race supporters finish best (by gender).