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Forfeit Policy


Forfeits are crappy. You pay to play and it sucks when you get to the field, excited to play, and your opponent isn’t there. Not only do you not get to play but you wasted gas, maybe got out of work early or even paid a babysitter. Our forfeit policy is designed to discourage forfeits by encouraging teams to show up or compensating teams if they are shorted games due to forfeits.

Team captain must call/e-mail SportsLink office no later than:
Weekday Games – 4 pm for games starting before 8 pm.
Weekday Games – 3 hours prior to games starting at 8 pm or later.

Weekend Games – 3 hours prior to game time

If team does not adhere to above time frames, game is marked as NO SHOW – NO NOTICE
*When calling the office and no one answers, please leave a message as this will save you from having to pay the forfeit fee!

No forfeit fees apply in playoffs although as a courtesy, we ask teams to call/e-mail the SportsLink office in advance if they cannot field a playoff team so we may tell their opponents in advance.
Team is fined $30* forfeit fee and must pay before they play their next game.  
If you forfeit both games of a double-header, you will be fined for each game missed.

Remaining team receives $30* SportsLink credit.

*Doubles volleyball teams, due to size/cost will be fined $20.

SportsLink will notify the remaining team of a forfeit if we get notice from the forfeiting team. The remaining team has the option of using the field/court space for practice and/or can request the SportsLink staff officiate a scrimmage and SportsLink staff will try to get players from other games to join in the scrimmage (no guarantees).
– The forfeiting team will not be fined the forfeit fee but risks being dropped from the league or playoffs (see MULTIPLE FORFEITS).
– The remaining team will receive a $20 league credit ($10 for 2v2 Volleyball) IF they show up at game time with enough players to play.

Teams that make every effort to play, yet SHOW UP TO THE FIELD short players (minimum half of players necessary to play), will not be penalized if they remain and attempt to play.
SportsLink staff will attempt to pull together a scrimmage game.
– The non-forfeiting team will receive a $20 league credit ($10 for 2v2 Volleyball) IF they show up at game time with enough players to play.

-Teams that have two NO SHOW forfeits will be automatically dropped from the league and no money will be refunded.
-Teams with two forfeits or more of any kind will be dropped from playoffs.



We’d love to help your team avoid forfeits! If you need players, either for one game or ongoing. Please contact our office and we’ll try to help you fill out your rosters. We normally know players looking to play or have individuals looking to join teams.

If you know a particular date is in conflict for your team, have the captain request a bye for that date. The request should be IN WRITING via e-mail and before the full season schedule is made. We cannot always accommodate requests, but we’ll try our best.