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Governing Rules

  1. Games will be played under the North Carolina High School Federation Rules.  Each game will consist of two 20-minute halves, with a 4-minute half-time.  Teams will shoot the one-and-one foul shot on the seventh team foul.  All games will be governed by a running clock with the clock stopping only for timeouts and all violations occurring in the last minute of the each half.  All overtime periods will be 3-minutes in length.  Each team will have three full & two 20-second timeouts per game (a player/head coach may now orally or visually request a timeout).  Additional full timeouts will be received per overtime period.
  2. Scrimmages: If a team has to forfeit for any reason, teams may scrimmage against each other at all games with the exception of the final game of the evening. The lengths of the scrimmage are at the discretion of the staff.
  3. If a team or individual of a team refuses to start or finish a game, the team or individual will automatically be suspended from this athletic event for one (1) year from the date of the infraction.  PENALTY: Forfeiture of any awards and/or trophies won during the current season and a one (1) year suspension from play in question sponsored by the Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Department.
  4. Absolutely no one (players, mangers/coaches) will be permitted to participate in MCPRD activities under the influence of alcoholic beverages or possess or use any controlled substances before, during, or after their scheduled game(s) on County property.  A suspension will be issued for one (1) calendar year from the date of the infraction.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated! Players, managers/coaches, and other team-affiliated persons must not attack or make physical contact of any aggressive nature with any other players, managers, coaches, or officials.  (Anyone ejected from the game for physical contact will receive a one (1) year suspension from play, from the verified date of infraction).

Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by SportsLink before or during the season.


All teams shall be of uniform dress consisting of same or similar color jerseys. Jerseys MUST have a permanent iron-on or stitched number (numbers written in magic marker, taped-on, or pinned-on are not allowed). Players may use any 2-digit combination desired. Jerseys must be worn by the 3rd regular season game.

Rosters & Players

  1. All line-ups shall be first and last name only (No Nicknames).  A name cannot be entered into scorebook unless the player is present at game time.  Each manager should give the Official Scorer a written list of players and their numbers ten minutes before game time.  Coaches are to make sure you check the scorebook before each game to verify all your players are listed for the game.
  2. A late player must arrive in the gym and report to the scorer’s table before the 10:00 mark of the first half to be eligible for that game.  Players added to the scorebook after the game has begun will be accessed a two-shot technical foul, for each late player.
    - Any manager knowingly or willingly playing a suspended or ineligible player will be suspended one (1) calendar year.  Any manager/coach or player ejected from a game will receive a three-game suspension for the first offense and a one-year suspension from the point of infraction for a second offense.
  3. When a player incurs a wound that causes bleeding, the official must stop the game at the earliest possible time and instruct the player to leave the game for treatment by staff personnel.  A player with blood on his/her uniform also must leave the game to have the uniform evaluated by staff personnel.  If the staff rules that the blood has saturated the uniform, that affected part of the uniform must be removed before player can return to the game.  That player becomes a substitute and can’t re-enter the game until time has come off the clock.


During multiple free throws and personal fouls, substitutions may be made only before the final attempt in the sequence and/or after the final attempt has been converted.

All players must have a valid SportsLink Player’s Card to play in our leagues unless otherwise noted.