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Rainout Protocol

Why does SportsLink
call rainouts and other disasters like they do??!?!?!?!?

It’s sunny and nice out!  Why are we cancelled?!
There’s a big storm that’s supposed to hit us at 7:29 pm!  Why are we still scheduled to play?!

We all know that weather can be hard to predict accurately.  Over the years, we have seen a lot of weather and other issues that may have people on edge as to whether they are playing or not.

1 – We never cancel games for the THREAT of weather or events.
2 – We don’t have complete control over any venue.
- CharMeck Parks and Rec controls most fields we play on.
- OrthoCarolina, STAX, and Granite St are privately owned (not by us!).
- The SandBox occasionally has to be worked around VBGB.
3 – TURF fields (Revolution, Granite, Ortho) rarely close.  Nearby lightning may cause a delay, not always a cancellation of the night.
4 – Some weather doesn’t actually HAPPEN until game time.  We again don’t cancel for the THREAT of weather.
5 –  A lot of weather is quick in passing or avoids the fields.  We are usually watching radar to see if it will pass.
6 – Charlotte is big.  Like real big.  Just because it is raining where you are doesn’t mean it is raining at the field.
7 – Parks and Rec shuts down their fields by 4:30 pm on weekdays.  We usually wait to see if they are going to close them or not.  After that, it’s our decision and we usually decide to play unless it is too dangerous to play.   And a lot of times, it isn’t too bad until later in the night.
8 – We aren’t forcing you to play.  If you feel like you can’t get to the field or it is too dangerous to play, by all means let your captain know.    A lot of people like to play in a little bit of rain.