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If you’re looking to play Kickball in a fun and exciting atmosphere, check out our leagues!
Recreational and Competitive Coed leagues.  Outdoor and Indoor.
Our leagues are played in parks all over the city, almost every night.
Come play kickball with us…and make some new friends!­



We have 2 levels of play in our kickball leagues.  We try to make sure everyone plays at their level so competition is fair and fun for all.

When looking at leagues you are interested in, please check out the # of stars that are beside the league heading.  The stars indicate the level of play. You can find the level of play by STAR rating by clicking HERE





If you sign up as an individual (an INDIE), we will try to either place you on a team or form a house team.  If we are unable to do either for that particular night and/or season, we’ll see if you can play on different nights or may put you on a waitlist for the next season.  We’ll do EVERYTHING we can to get you out on the field!



We run OUTDOOR kickball leagues starting in Spring (March), and new seasons starting in Summer and Fall.  We usually start new leagues in March, May, July, and September.  All OUTDOOR kicktball leagues are done by Thanksgiving. 

We run an INDOOR 8v8 kickball league at Breakaway Sports during the Winter. 

To check out and/or sign-up for a league, click HERE!




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