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Individual/Small Groups

Individual/Small Group Registrations

Don’t have enough for a team, but still want to play?
Follow the instructions below!

1.  Click on the sport you want to play
2.  We only offer house teams on certain nights
3.  Fill out contact info and note if you have friends you want to play with
4.  We will enter you into our Wait List portal within 48 hours of receiving your registration and send you a confirmation email
5.  Pay your $65 individual fee within 48 hours of receiving our confirmation email.   You will not be placed on a House Team without payment!!!!
6.  Players placed on a House Team will not need to buy a Player’s Card, it is included in the $65 house team fee.  If you are placed on a non-house team, you will need to purchase a Player’s Card. 

7.  We will contact you about 7-10 days before the league starts to form a team


A few notes:
– If you aren’t placed on a team, your money will be refunded back to the card you paid with.
– Our ability to form a house team depends on the number of PAID individuals
– If you want to play with a friend or two, make sure we know who they are!
– Occasionally an already existing team needs another player or two.  If so, we will contact the wait list and try to place you on the team.
– If you don’t pay the individual fee, we will not attempt to place you on a team.
– With the exception of Volleyball, we start House teams at the recreational level the first season.