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Staff Bios

Meet the SportsLink staff

Christian Crute – Managing Director

The Complication is the face of the franchise.  If you haven’t seen him on the field, you have probably seen him at one of our numerous social events.   The UNC grad loves to play many of the sports we run, with more than a few championship shirts from ultimate, volleyball and soccer.   He has managed to be talked into doing multiple extreme races over the past few years and survived.  He is our fearless leader.  If he were an animal, he would be a bear, “I’m warm and snuggly, but I can get grumpy and eat you if you are bothering me”.    christian@sportslinkus.com






Amanda Brooks – Operations Director

The Foundation holds the place up, or so she thinks (schedules, schedules, and schedules).  As a flag footballer, she is a C-Town’s Most Wanted lifer.   The former college basketball player at UNC-Pembroke,  is a workout addict and loves pranking the office, especially Christian.   She lists one of her favorite SportsLink memories as the intricate ping pong ball design on Christian’s floor that prevented him from getting to his desk.      amanda@sportslinkus.com


Bethany Jahn – Planner of the Fun Peeps and Ultimate Director

Named “The Sticky Notation” due to her abundance of sticky notes plastered to her desk, Bethany makes everything in the office happen.  If you have called the office or have been called by us, you have probably talked to her.   The other part of her job entails sitting in the line of fire during the daily nerf gun wars.  Bethany uses her athletic prowess on the soccer and ultimate fields.  If she were a cereal, she would be Fruit Loops because they are sweet and colorful.



Darius Neerings – Soccer and Flag Football Director

The Utah born and bred Soccer Junkie is a familiar face in the Charlotte soccer scene.  When The Relocation isn’t on the soccer field, he can be found running the in’s and out’s of our soccer and football leagues or starting a random NERF gun war.   The former Lees-McRae goalie is a wonderful husband and father of two.



Kristen Wright – Softball, Kickball, and Volleyball Director

The former Queens University soccer star joined our team in Feb 2015 to take over our kickball and bowling programs and assist with softball.  In The Yotion’s non-SportsLink time, she coaches youth soccer and goes for long walks with her dog.  We’ve also heard she is a Maryland beer pong celebrity (she probably puts water in the cup, of course!).




Diane Mobley – Softball Liason

Chances are if you’ve been to the softball field, you’ve run into The Perkelation.  She’s been dominating and working with our leagues since we’ve started.  So we hired her in Feb ’15 to help us give you a better experience.  No one knows softball in Charlotte like Diane.  While not working for us and traveling the country playing ball, she works for CMS and takes care of her beautiful grandkids. 



AJ Lightbody – Social Sports and Social Planner

The former Wingate University soccer captain joined our team in Feb 2016 to take over our flag football program and Social Media. She has since moved onto the social side of things and is now running our bar leagues and hosting kick-a$$ parties and events. The Umtion keeps us young and connected to the rapidly growing Charlotte social scene.  




Zoe Crute-Osborne – Office Admin and Van Police


We call her The Duplication.  The baby of the office is also the daughter of our managing director.   She keeps the mad house in order when not studying Anthropology at UNCC.




Lesley Donovan – SL-Active Director