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About Us

Welcome to SportsLink


We are a organization dedicated to bringing people together through sports, social and outdoor activites. We started years ago when a few friends wanted to play some rec softball on Sunday afternoons.

From four coed teams, we’ve grown to be the largest provider of coed sports in Charlotte with over 29,000 participants playing year round in sports ranging from volleyball to flag football.

We organize. . .

Social events ranging from get togethers after league play, seasonal player parties, scavenger hunts, bar crawls, Checkers games, and whatever fun things we can come up with that we think YOU will like to do.

Outdoor activities including river tubing, white water rafting trips, trail runs, etc. . .

Leagues in many different sports (primarily coed) including:

Soccer, softball, basketball, football, volleyball (indoor, beach and grass), kickball, bowling, ultimate and social sports such as cornhole and barcathalon.

We also host various tournaments in different sports throughout the year.

And finally, we like to volunteer with, or contribute, to many worthwhile causes in Charlotte.

Is to organize sports and events that offer the most VALUE to our participants. And in doing so, give back something to the community.

Come play with us! Join our e-mail list and find out what’s going on!